Up the Mountain of Worship and Visitation

A Creative Writing by Donna Milham

Do you see the holy frenzy of a mountain side of worshippers? All ages and sizes, some with instruments and some with dance, some have paintings strapped to their backs, some with dance shoes tied at their waists, others with sculptors tools in pouches on their sides, some with cameras for scenes they are watching and waiting to unfold, some hold pens with feathers of white and gold attached for pure and holy revelation to scribe and record, some with books as scrolls around their necks and over their hearts, poems penned in hours of passion with their King.

Can you see it? Not very orderly to the world, but the King sees and His Heart is bursting at the sight.

These have been accused, abused, beaten, misunderstood, laughed at, ridiculed, hated, despised, scorned and yet arise.

Get up and worship. They won’t be stopped. His Love – His Fiery Love compels them, ever up, ever up the mountain, The Mountain of Holy Desire – the Mountain of Fiery Love – the Mountain of Consuming Knowing at the top – awaits the altar of sacrifice – altar of worship – laying the offerings of heartfelt devotion – at His Feet – and watch them be consumed in His Love And there is the ultimate of all life – fulfilling His Heart’s Desires -

Giving Him pleasure and what is one’s response – you fall at His Feet in worship – you fall at His Feet in gratitude.

THE I AM THE ONE WHO WAS AND IS AND IS TO COME Has embraced all you are, that which others may have rejected. HE has received and you fall in wonder upon your face and KISS HIS FEET FEET OF PEACE strengthen even more the resolve within, to love Him radically and war against anything that would try to hold you back from total expression of holy passion to the Lover of your soul. To the Holy One worthy to be worshipped and adored.

Fresh impartation of Holy Peace to defeat the lies, defeat the enemies of lavished worship, down the mountain you go, focused and fixed in heart, soul and spirit, looking for others to join in the next climb up the Mountain of Visitation.

You walk the earth with His Cry in your heart, resounding like a trumpet call. LET MY PEOPLE GO THAT THEY MAY WORSHIP ME. The cry rings out, blares out from a place so deep within shaking your very core. It is the cry of the KING who lives within you. The Deliverer within you.

For on the mountain of worship is freedom for all who ascend. Will you answer the call up the mountain, not in a perfect line of man’s prescribed ways, but in the unique and diverse expressions of true worship? Abandoned and reckless?

For those who worship Him must do so in Spirit and in Truth. Will you ascend the mountain of visitation with your offerings of worship?

Expecting to meet Him?

Expecting transformation?

Expecting acceptance?

Expecting impartation?

Expecting Pierced Feet that made the way for you to climb His Holy Mountain?

FEET that gave you ACCESS. Pierced for you.
Will you leave the familiar, comfortable paradigm of worship and venture higher? He’s waiting for you there!!!!

Do you hear the trumpet blaring out from His Heart: “Let My people go that they may worship Me”.

He breaks you free this day and calls you up to ascend INTO HIM!