Toast To The King - a POEM

Toast To The King

by Linda DiBiosso – 9/25/2005

The King shall come,
and reign in glory,
and all the angels with Him.

He’ll not have to boast,
be loud, or brag,
for a trumpet shall say He’s arrived.

From the east to the west,
and the north to the south,
His glory shall be seen.

And the people shall fall
to their knees in awe,
as we come to
Toast The King.

Toast The King
Toast The King,
we’ve come
To Toast The King.

Not with a glass
of bubbly brew,
confetti, streamers, or poppers.
For this is a toast
that flows from a heart
that’s been saved, set free, and delivered!
Yes, this is a toast
to a King who died,
and shed His blood for me.

For a King of this kind
will far outshine
the earthly kings of this world.
And they’ll bow their knees
to the ground on that day,
paying homage to
The King of all Kings.

So don’t be deceived
by what you don’t see.
For what you don’t see
is reality.
For the reality is this—
He’s coming—you’ll see.

And we’re going to toast the King.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
©2005-6 by Linda Dibiosso
Photo ©2006 by W.A.Latocki

Linda DiBiosso

By Linda DiBiosso (bio)

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Linda is also an artist & illustrator, and a very intense Praise Dancer. Her abilities are a great example of God’s Wellspring of Creativity. Click on her BIO above to find out more.

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