The Importance Of Christian Music.

I don’t remember not drumming. I started young and will play forever. Unfortunately, I do remember playing for the wrong reasons.

As a teen and deep into my twenties, I played secular music professionally. I have shared the stage with members of Aerosmith, Rare Earth, Grand Funk, Heart, Stanley Clarke, Doc Sevrensen and more. I had air time on radio and TV.

I was one of those saved musicians that strattled the secular fence, convincing myself that it was OK. Eventhough my material wasn’t what I thought as evil, I was providing a means for the party atmosphere that always resulted in people using drugs, getting drunk and participating in adultry and fornication. I didn’t force them to do it, no. I did become a stumbling block for them to dive head into the life style. Honestly, it effected my walk with The Lord, too.

God convicted me about it and in the late eighties, I surrendered myself to doing only music that glorifies Him.

Some may read this and roll their eyes at me. Funny, that’s what I was doing back then.

Consider this…

Music was created in Heaven by God stricktly for the purpose of praise and worship. Music that man made up started out as praise to God. Gradually, it was twisted by the demonic influences.

One day, we will not exist here, on Earth, but in the Heavenly realm, face to face with God. There will be music, praise & worship.

To re-cap, music was created before man for praise & worship, was meant to be used for that purpose and will exist after mankind in that capacity.

After our time here is over, we will not have the need to witness, we will never again cry over the death of a lost soul, we will never lead another to Christ. BUT there WILL BE music… in Heaven..and it will be for praise and worship.

Hear the angels yet? Holy, Holy, Holy.

God bless, – Jackson Baugh