Praise: The Anointed Weapon

God chooses praise as the anointed weapon.  Within it are contained many weapons.  Our voice is a weapon when we decree and shout the victory.  Our hands become weapons as we clap we literally separate light and darkness.

For God inhabits our praises.  He literally inhabits the praises of his people and turns our praise into mighty weapons of warfare (see Judges 6 & 7). 

Not long ago I began to teach on our praise being a weapon, and for some reason, I asked people to pull out their wallets and check books.  We began to praise the Lord, shout the victory and declare that God would swallow up death and famine. 

As we praised the Lord, we could feel the powers of darkness fleeing from the very building we were in.  The anointing was even captured in the recording that night and within days, finances had been released, testimonies came in through phone calls and emails of people declaring that debts had been erased, unusual releasesof finances began to occur and inheritances that had been held back were released. 

When we clap, and praise God, and make loud noises, the demons flee.  For they know, that the Lord is on His way!

I can remember many years ago, being in a deep period of depression, many of you in the prophetic will understand this, that there are simply times when we hide in the dens and the caves and the strongholds.  As I was laying on my bed, I felt surrounded by darkness, when I suddenly began to see a small shaft of light appearing above me.  I said, Lord, how do I get out of this darkness?” 

Suddenly I saw a life preserver coming down through the shaft of light to where I was.  I suddenly realized that I was at the bottom of a pit, the kind of time when you are throwing a pity party and satan brings the confetti. 

Suddenly I said to the Lord, “what do I do with this?”  He replied, “Your praise is your life preserver.” 

Then the Lord began to speak to me that as I began to raise my hands and praise, that He would rain down on me.  Suddenly, I felt as it were, rain drops.  I could see many rain drops falling.  As I lowered my arms, they stopped.  As I raised them, it began to rain again. 

Suddenly I began to praise the Lord outrageously and I literally saw the pit began to fill up with water. With that, I placed the life preserver around me and I began to a praise continually.

Soon I found myself being lifted out of the pit that I had been in for 6 months.  I came out of the pit to the top and into the light. I have never forgotten the lesson that came from the Holy Spirit in all its simplicity. It became a profound weapon of warfare against all my enemies.

That lesson was learned 10 years ago. However, recently On April 20th –28th 2006, in Iraq, I began to teach on the power of praise and worship. Some visitors came from Mosul, which is modern day Nineveh. These guys sang danced, jumped, whistled and clapped louder than anybody I have ever heard. Every time they came, the atmosphere changed.

Night after night I taught on dreams and visions that come as a result of intimacy and worship and praising the King of
Glory.  As I did, I taught that our praises set ambushes for the enemy and even prophesied that the terrorists in Mosul
would be caught and swallowed up by the Lord, that God would arrest them. With that, they rejoiced all the more. 

In the following 4 days after leaving Iraq, it was reported that 1500 Iraqi troops descended upon the city of Mosul and apprehended 36 suspected terrorists.  Our praise set an ambush for the enemy in modern times in the Middle East with operation Lion’s Hunt. 

Bob Griffin
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