Uninhibited childlike dance praises God immensely.

”I Need to See You Dance!”
- by Victoria Boyson

“Go potty!” I directed my five-year-old daughter, CailieEllen. She was standing on a chair in the kitchen and wiggling, so, naturally I assumed she had to use the bathroom. And at five years, sometimes we have to be reminded to go you know. But she hollered back at me in a matter-of-fact tone, “I’m dancin’!”

“Oh,” I answered and then laughed. “Of course you are.” Why wouldn’t I assume that she would be dancing on a chair in the middle of the kitchen. And her response of, “I’m dancin’!” was meant to imply, “Obviously Mom, I’m dancing. Can’t you tell? I am doing the all-important task of dancing on a chair!”

She had asked me to put her favorite cd (“Super Strong God” by Hillsongs) in the cd player. We had decided together that we would do some house work, and we needed music while we worked. But her version of work was much wigglier than mine.

Soon after starting to watch her on the chair, I was completely captivated by her. Housework could wait, this moment was too important. I just watched at first, completely enamored by the joy that radiated from her. She got down off her chair and twirled and danced on the floor. She fell down and laughed and laughed with absolutely no inhibitions. And why should there be – she’s only five.

I found myself wishing I were five again. I was down-right jealous of her reckless abandon. “He’s the only way…” the cd screamed out. She was singing along and completely sure (or else not caring) that she was a perfect singer, singing it perfectly. Again, I stood by and watched jealously.

“She has something I long for!” I thought. “Oh God,” I prayed in my head, “I want to dance for You like that.”

Then Cailie suddenly stopped and looked at me with eyes wide with ornery expectation and said, “Grab my finger Mom!” She put out her pointer finger for me to grab onto. “I’ll twirl you around!” She wanted to whirl me around like I’ve done for her a thousand times.

“I’m too tall Cailie,” I cried. But she was determined, and somehow we managed something that looked like twirling. We laughed and danced together until we fell down dizzy.

When I thought we were finished, she demanded, “I need to see you dance, Mom! Let me see you dance!” She was completely serious and spoke with authority; I knew I must obey. The work that called me could wait; Cailie needed to see me dance.

So, I did.

I danced for her. And the crazier I danced, the more she loved it. She wasn’t laughing now – this was serious business to her. She really did need to see me dance. She needed to see me cast off duty, tasks, respectability and inhibitions. She needed to see me enjoy dancing for Jesus as much as she did.

I danced for her like she danced for me, and as I did, I felt like I was five! The cares of the day slipped off me to the floor as I danced atop them. The joy of the Lord filled me anew. My faith was restored like the faith of a child.

“Oh Jesus,” I thought, “don’t let me forget to dance like this again!”

We were two silly people acting silly. But were we only two? It seemed like there was another person dancing with us – being silly with us.

Yes! Jesus!

He was with us. I felt as we danced ridiculously that He was willing to do anything to make us laugh. He would do anything to get us to rejoice in Him, with Him. Rejoicing in the freedom He brings. Rejoicing in Him! Rejoicing in the fact that we are not alone in this crazy world, but He is here with us and He will never leave us.

Oh Jesus, I am so thankful that You are real! You are here! You love me! I am Your sheep and You care for me. I am so thankful and I rejoice that You are in my life. Yes Lord, You are real!

I then thought of the church and began to pray.

Oh Jesus, help us to know You are so real and You are with us. Help us to rejoice in You with reckless abandon. Give us courage enough to follow the children and let them show us how to love You…how to enjoy You…how to praise You!

You have so much more for us, but we must let go of this thing that holds us back from You. We need to be delivered from adulthood!

Oh God, help us to dance like children again. Stop us from just watching…make us twirl with You!!! You need to see us dance. Who cares what people think of us. You are much more important than the opinions of man.

If man’s good opinion means not pleasing my heavenly Daddy, then I don’t need man’s good opinion. I don’t want it! They can keep their good opinion. What I want is Jesus! I want Him to be real to me, and even more, I want to be completely real to Him.

Yes, more than anything I want Him to say, “That’s my girl!” To which I will reply, “I’m all Yours!” To which He will reply with absolute certainty, “ALL Mine!”

He will not have to share my heart with the claims of respectability – I will be His and His alone. My heart, my mind, and strength…all that is within me will be His to love, control and enjoy.

May all of you who live for Him, know more of His love for you everyday. He loves you sooooo much!

God bless you, – Victoria

Victoria Boyson

By Victoria Boyson (bio)

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