Being Prepared by God

Some folks think that praising God for everything is too difficult. They often aren’t sure if that is what God wants. They do not understand that praising God for difficult problems is one of the gifts that He has given us!

     Enormous burdens came upon Adam and Eve when Satan convinced them that God was treating them unfairly. God had given them perfect EVERYTHING. They lived in Heaven on earth. God had given them the god-like freedom to choose whatever they wanted to do. They chose TROUBLE.

     God offers us a way out of our troubles. He asks us to trust Him to take even our most difficult problems and force them to work for our good. He hands us this mighty weapon to use against evil – if we choose to do so.

     However, some folks think that God should solve their problems now, or even yesterday. But God may decide, Now is not the best time for Me to relive you of your suffering. I ask you to trust Me.

     Some people are afraid they aren’t good enough for God to work good out of their situation. He doesn’t work good because we are good, but because He is good.

     Throughout the Old and New testament there are many illustrations of God working good out of what seemed to be horrible problems. Then Jesus came to demonstrate God’s desire to work good even in and through the evil that men did to Him. When threatened with death, Jesus said He could not be hurt unless it was God’s will. They did hurt Him! They did crucify Him. He still held to God’s promise to take care of Him. Men stood around His cross and mocked Him. One fellow sufferer scorned Jesus and asked for immediate help, but the other man believed in Him and requested only that he go wherever Jesus was going. Two men suffering the same torture, but made two different decisions.

     Believe Him. That is the challenge you and I face. We can trust God no matter how Satan tortures us. God may work good out of our problem the moment that we trust Him. Or, He may wait months or years. Everything centers in God’s perfect knowledge of what is best for us. Each of us is a completely different person, with different needs and potential, and He is preparing us for eternity. There, in Heaven, no other person will come close to resembling what He has created in us.

     God’s entire plan is based on our faith in Him. He designed the forgiveness for our sins around our faith in His Son. He designed the power and the special gifts that He would give us around our faith. By faith we can do miracles, receive joy, and even lead others into happiness. Or, we can use our freedom of choice to remain bitter, bound by our problems. As you read this I encourage you to declare that your past, present and future are under God’s almighty power to work good in and through you.

     You can believe that you are a child of God with the same protective care that Jesus had! No person, disease or circumstance can come into your life without God’ assurance that He will use it for your good. What a way to face today, tomorrow and eternity. What a way to live!

Merlin Carothers

By Merlin Carothers (bio)

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