Understanding the POWER of PRAISE

Praise is a powerful weapon for spiritual warfare that is often neglected. The main purpose of this ministry is to help you understand this. Check out these articles below. Please give us your feedback and also send us your own Praise Teachings by clicking the submit tab above.

Latest Teachings

Kathy Latocki

Prophetic promise flows through a saxophone.

By Kathy Latocki - Jun 25 2007

...during our spontaneous praise gathering this prophetic word came forth from Karen Rhoden as Pastor Dick Blank played a gentle melody on his saxophone…

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Nathaniel Smith

Donkey Day - a servant's proper perspective.

By Nathaniel Smith - Apr 30 2007

As a minister of the LORD, especially as a praise musician, it can be easy to think that the people are singing your praises. It is a common fallacy to misappropriate one’s success to one’s own skills…

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Bert Thompson

Praise eternal song!

By Bert Thompson - Apr 19 2007

Once you hear the sounds of heaven you can never be the same; the very hearing of it ruins you to this world and all else in this life. No sound is quite so sweet and precious as the sound of . . .

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Rick Warzywak

Transforming a region through “Praise, Prayer & Worship!”

By Rick Warzywak - Mar 30 2007

God is the author of sound, music and song. He inspires people as it resonates with our spiritual DNA through hymns of old; contemporary and the spontaneous new song. A town, city or nation can be transformed in a moments notice because God literally shows up. Our praise/prayer/worship can join heavens instantly as we turn our hearts towards Him. It is intimacy and relationship with God that we yearn for.

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Francis Frangipane

Measure Those Who Worship

By Francis Frangipane - Mar 28 2007

Worship rescues our spiritual efforts from routine, religiosity, pride and guilt; it takes our minds completely off ourselves and burrows us into the overwhelming life of God – Genuine worship causes us to become genuine Christians.

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Bert Thompson

Heaven can wait...Praise Him Now!!!

By Bert Thompson - Mar 1 2007

There are those who will tell you that when they get to heaven, they will be Praising God and singing songs to Him. Their idea of eternity is somewhere far off in the future – a finish line, a destination. Why wait, when we can come into His presence with Praise now?

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Pastor Michael Carter of Jamaica

Your Future is in Your Praise

By Pastor Michael Carter of Jamaica - Feb 14 2007

I stopped everyone and decided we would just join hands and sing unto God praises. As we did, this girl that was dumb and mentally deranged…was totally delivered by worship and praise. You see she could have remained like that forever but her future was altered by our singing praises unto God.

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Donna Milham

Up the Mountain of Worship and Visitation

By Donna Milham - Feb 8 2007

For on the mountain of worship is freedom for all who ascend – will you answer the call up the mountain – not in a perfect line of man’s prescribed ways – but in the unique and diverse expressions of true worship – abandoned and reckless – for those who worship Him must do so in Spirit and in Truth….

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Bert Thompson

Praising your way into the Father's manifest presence

By Bert Thompson - Jan 20 2007

The thing that causes us to enter His presence is praise, not for what he can do for us or even what he has done, but just for WHO He is. Nothing touches the heart of the Father like praising Him just for WHO He is – it goes right into His father’s heart.

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Ray Hughes

The Sound of Harvest

By Ray Hughes - Jan 11 2007

Virtually all the great revivals and harvests in past generations have had a musical sound that was unique to that move of God. At times it appeared that the music is what defined the revival, and at other times it seemed that the revival defined the music or sound.

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