Jesus & the Wack-A-Mole vision

Vision that Linda DiBiosso had while worshipping with Wellspring Praise at Latocki’s house on March 14, 2007

Our group was worshipping at Latocki’s house on Tuesday as always. I began to get a vision from the Lord. As I watched this “movie” develop and play in my spirit, I had to laugh at what I was seeing because it was so comical, yet I knew that God was painting a picture of something that He wanted us to understand.

I saw Jesus dressed in priestly garments. He had a scarf tied around His head (like a ninja). The bottom of his skirt had bells attached to it all the way around it. He wore a wide belt that had cymbals on it. He was dancing on top of a square box that looked like the Wack-A-Mole arcade game. Instead of moles trying to pop up, there were demons trying to pop up (they were trying to be released into the earth). Every time one tried to get out, Jesus would dance over that hole, put His foot on its head, push it back into the hole – smile and say – “No you don’t.” The more we’d worship, the more Jesus would dance. Every time a devil would pop up, Jesus was right there to dance on it and push it back into its hole; and He was taking great joy in doing it.

As this was taking place, I could hear people making declarations of faith. I would hear it coming from my left (which was the east in Latocki’s house). I heard a voice say; “by His stripes I’m healed.” This was said as a spirit of infirmity & sickness was trying to rise up. When that declaration was made, Jesus danced on that devil and pushed it back in its hole. Then I heard a voice say; “I’m not gonna be poor no more, it’s God’s will for me to prosper.” I heard; “I’m more than a conqueror through Him that loved me.”

The same thing would happen each time a declaration of faith was made by someone – Jesus would dance on that devil’s head and push it back into its hole. And the band played on, and on, we just kept worshipping.

This next part was so cool. When a poverty devil tried to rise up, because the saints were worshipping and someone was declaring that it was God’s will for them to prosper; Jesus danced on that one; BUT, when He did, He stood on the box with one foot, and His other foot pushed that poverty devil way down into the box. He pushed with all of His weight and His whole leg went down. He singled that poverty devil out, and by pushing that one the way He did, I knew that He was demonstrating how much He hates that devil and making the point that He wants that devil crushed once and for all in His people’s lives.

After that, I heard Bonny Livernois singing (not in the vision but in the room), and she was singing these words – nothing is too hard for our God. I also heard Karen Rhodin singing these words – the grace of God. As they were singing this, in the vision I saw Jesus begin to spin and turn into a whirlwind-like tornado. He began to spin over the box and spin over every hole in the box, blasting at everything demonic that was sticking up. I saw all the devils that were in that box bowed over in defeat and they turned and walked down, down, down, back to their places of banishment.

Next I saw a golden blanket drop down from the sky and land on top of the box. It draped itself over the sides of the box, and sealed itself to the box as if being vacuum packed. The gold blanket was the glory of God. He was sealing His completed work with His glory.

A beautiful throne descended from above and sat on the box. It was made of fine wood with hand carved designs in it. There were precious jewels encrusted in it. The back and seat cushions were thick and covered with royal blue velvet. This throne had a high back and it was big and sturdy; fit for a King of course.

I saw Jesus sit down on the throne, rested His arms on the chair arms, cross one leg over the other, and He was just smiling and tapping His leg to our worship. He was very relaxed and just enjoying our worship like He was at a concert and He was in the audience; but He was the only one in the audience.

Thru all of this, I heard Him say that because of the worship and by His people making confessions of faith from the heart, this was the fuel that enabled Him to do this. He also reminded me that our group needed to read II Chronicles 20 for ourselves, and that He was serious when He told us before to read it and especially the part about the 3-day harvest of spoil. He wanted us to read it and ask Him where we were at individually in this story and what the 3-day harvest meant for us individually, and to claim that for ourselves.

Linda DiBiosso

Praise Report from Linda DiBiosso (bio) - Apr 9 2007