We prayed, listened, believed – then God supplied.

Here’s my praise report on how God provided for us in surprising ways.

by John Poirier

John Poirier is in the blue shirt, and his wife, Maria, is in the black dress.

My wife, Maria, and I prayed about going to a 3-day Kim Clement gathering in Detroit, Michigan and we got a YES. We heard and believed – but there was not the money to do it. That’s because it’s a 5-hour gas guzzleling drive away and it takes 2 hotel nights, plus food, and then the return 5-hour drive.

We decided to go and just sleep in our car at night. It’s a tiny sports style car but the seats go back enough. We might be a little stiff and sore in the morning but Kim is well worth it, believe me!

Now the praise-worthy good news: God was faithful in working things out financially, step-by-faithful-step. Before we left a sister in our Bible study gave us some money. Along with our funds that would help towards gas, food and hopefully a reasonably priced hotel room so we would not have to sleep in the car. We received a financial blessing and it was a surprise.

Then while standing at a motel’s front desk, just asking them about their rates, we met a brother that was going to Kim’s meetings also. It ended up that same night, after Kim’s meeting, we ministered to him in his hotel room for a few hours PAST midnight! A little time after that we had a knock on our hotel door. We looked out the window and saw a man who was waving money at us. I thought he was crazy. I did not recognize him at all. I thought he could even have a weapon and was tricking us into opening the door – so I closed the curtain. But it turned out to be the front desk clerk for the night shift and he was delivering some money to us from that guy we just ministered to earlier!!! Another financial blessing and a total surprise.

After the Sunday morning service we went to the mall to kill some time all afternoon because we wanted to come back for the evening service. That meant we would drive home through the night and have only about 1 hour of sleep before we got up to go to work. But, again, Kim was worth it. And, overall, I was not tired but pumped up with the fire of the Holy Spirit. But check this out: while at the mall window shopping and killing time we found $22.00 on the floor!!! Now we had money for dinner! We left there laughing and rejoicing that the Holy Spirit came upon us so strong we were drunk by the Abrahamic Blessing!!! Are third financial blessing and also a surprise.

So, all in all, we had money for food, gas and a hotel room during this Kim Clement Gathering. We prayed, listened, God said to GO, we obeyed, and then He supplied. All praise and glory to our Lord, Jesus!!!

- John Poirier, a Canadian brother.

P.S. I love the name “PraiseToys” because when we were kids we played with our toys and had FUN. Now when we praise the Lord on our instruments (drums, guitars, etc. and in my case, voice and hands) we are to have FUN in the presence of the Lord where there are pleasures ever more!

John Poirier

Praise Report from John Poirier (bio) - Sep 29 2006