"Praise in the Park" changing city.

Last week our group of Wellspring Praise Warriors were again worshipping and praising God outside in the park – right in the middle of the city of Jackson [Michigan].

It was a wonderful time of intimacy with the Lord.

As the drums started beating louder, I was drawn to them. I walked up to the drummers and I felt the Lord saying that with every beat of the drum He was going to set a captive free.

God is really doing something in the city of Jackson.

Editor’s Note: Wellspring met at the Bucky Harris Park, which is the original town square of Jackson, Michigan. It is also straight across from the Jackson City Hall. This puts the praise anointing directly in contact with the history and roots of the city. Wellspring was there under official approval from the city council causing even more connection to the govermental authority of that region.


Bonny Livernois

Praise Report from Bonny Livernois (bio) - Sep 25 2006