Bert Thompson

Email: riverkid05 at yahoo dot com

Bert is a pursuer of the “manifest presence of the God” To him there is only one thing that matters above life, ministry, and all else. BEING with the FATHER, being in His presence. He is unashamedly interested in only 3 things…being in the Fathers manifest presence and beholding His glory. 2. Bringing other little hungry boys and girls to the Fathers table, to “taste and see that the Lord is good” 3. Writing about the fathers love and presence. By calling Bert is an evangelist, but by preference he is a lover of the Fathers presence.

Bert attended Bethesdia Christian collage in Wenatchee, Washington for 1 yr. And then finished at Christ for the Nations in Dallas, Tx, where he met and later married Cheryl Lynn his best friend and partner. Bert and Cheryl then started and Pastored “Harvest Christian Center” in Grand Rapids, Michigan for 2 years. They then took HCCF and joined it to another larger church in grand rapids where Bert soon became an elder there. That church in 1996 fell apart due to sin in the camp so Bert and Cheryl left. Soon Bert angry with God left the ministry and walking with God. Cheryl and Bert in 2002 we’re separated and on the verge of divorce because of Bert’s sinfull and abusive lifestyle.

Then God stepped in. (but God) Bert started attending a church in grand rapids, where he encountered the “manifest presence of the Father” in such a powerfully way his life was changed. Now Bert and Cheryl (re-married) are walking this journey together in the fathers presence with joy. Writing about Gods love and presence is the passion of Bert’s heart now. Most of all Bert has found his place in the Fathers heart and lives there with great joy now!



Entering his presence, entering into that place
In the Holy of Holies, seeing my God I love face to face
I bow myself low to the ground
Knowing this is the place his love is to be found
The cloud of His glory covering me
The smoke of His presence smelt in the air
This is my King of Kings he is so lovely, so fair
My heart busting with love because He is near
Knowing in His presence there is no fear
Soaking in His presence, soaking in his love
Receiving all His grace that flows from above
Hot tears flowing freely down my face,
Because He is with me in this Holy place
Wo000w! I am marked, I am ruined, I am undone,
For I have seen the Lord of Hosts
He whispers in my ear…”my beloved son! Come!”