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Cindy McGill is founder of “Hope for the Harvest Ministries”. As an ordained minister with the International Church of the Foursquare Gospel, she holds an international license and currently co-pastors at the Salt Lake City Foursquare Church with her husband, Tim. They have been involved in pastoring, evangelism, and church planting for 25 years. Cindy was radically saved in 1973 and is a graduate of Christ for the Nations Institute in Dallas, Texas, in 1976. After graduation, she was in a full time street ministry called Agape Force.
Cindy travels internationally helping churches raise up evangelism teams, teaching on Godly character and ministering in prophecy, dream interpretation, and word of knowledge. Her passion is leading teams of ordinary people, who love Jesus, into the streets, hospitals, pubs, new age arenas and anywhere the Lord directs. She has hosted and led nation-wide outreach events such as the Olympics, Sundance Film Festival, Las Vegas (with Streams Ministries) Maui, Hawaii, Ireland, England and Scotland. Using dream interpretation and prophetic evangelism, the door has been opened to share the gospel to multitudes of people, who might not otherwise have heard the message.

About Hope for the Harvest
We are a ministry built on demonstrating the love of God to people who don’t know He loves them. Knowing that Jesus is the answer, we let Him guide our path and lead this company of ordinary people into all walks of life. Having received strategies from heaven for this season of evangelism, we use dream interpretation and prophetic words to evangelise new age seekers, people in hospitals, people in bars, people in the market place and anywhere desperate people look for answers.

Our mission is clear and simple, to seek and save that which is lost letting God’s love that knows no limits, touch people He longs to save. and to bring an end to spiritual hunger. when people eat the “Bread of Life” who is Jesus, they will not hunger anymore.

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Cindy McGill

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