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About Bob and Jayne Griffin

Bob and his wife Jayne have been married 15 years now and have 5 wonderful children, Jasmine 12, Jordan Elizabeth 10, Joel 9, Rachael 7, and Benjamin 22 months (2006). Bob, Jayne and their children walk by faith and have seen God’s miracles, signs and wonders all along their journey in ministry.

Bob has been called as a Prophet of the Lord and has been sent to many regions, such as North and South America, Eastern and Western Europe and the continents of Africa and Australia.

As a regional prophet, he is not only sent to the widow woman to revive a household, but to the nations to revive a region’s economy. Bob has been sent with an Apostolic calling to reach and revive nations – nations are calling and we are going!!

Bob’s program, ‘Stepping into the Future’, is now on Trinity Broadcasting Network in the African country of Namibia. This broadcast is also screened across 40 plus nations of Africa. With a potential audience of 700 million, it is awesome opportunity to speak the oracles of God into a nation for the Gospel of Jesus. Bob and Jayne have also hosted many TBN broadcasts in Hawaii and in Chicago and have featured on Sid Roth’s “It’s Supernatural!” television and radio program.

Bob has an incredible gifting in prophecy, and is a true worshipper and psalmist of the Lord. He moves in word of knowledge, word of wisdom, prophecy and interpretation of dreams and visions. He has seen many deliverances, healings and true conversions. Bob has been able to record many of his insights on how God speaks through dreams and visions in teaching CDs that are available through this website.

Bob also walks in the office of an Apostle and a governmental Prophet as he counsels with church and world leaders all across the world. Bob and Jayne have been sent to regions to establish and set apart those who are called into the ministry. Bob has established ministries all around the world as he has prayed for people to step into their destiny!!

If you’ve been in one of Bob’s meetings, you know that he loves to worship and to speak ‘destiny’ into the lives of children and young adults. Ministering with the same mercy that he was given when he was delivered from years of drug abuse, Bob’s heart reaches for the lost and hurting. His sensitivity to the Holy Spirit is tangible – Jesus loves to hangout with him because obedience is better than sacrifice!

Bob and Jayne have a sincere passion for the ministry that God has given to them and their desire is to reach the world from their new broadcast studio.

Jayne is the Office Administrator of Life Changes Ministries International, Studio153, and Branch of the Lord headquarters now located in Detroit, Michigan. She has a powerful healing anointing and has seen cancers healed, backs, tumors fall off, and many other healings. Jayne also handles all the donation receipts, tape and book orders, and organizes all Bob’s travels as well as run the household and children while Bob is on the road.

Bob Griffin

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